VPC Viewer

Easily view data for free

VPC Viewer is a free standalone application for Windows and OSX. Visualise massive data sets easily and fluidly. With simple controls, anybody can experience the power of Veesus’ XStreamEngine and see point cloud data at its very best.

Like all Veesus software, VPC Viewer is able to stream Point Cloud data directly from the Zappcha Cloud with no loss of quality, regardless of Point Cloud size or resolution.


Effortless un-hindered Point Cloud navigation


No subscription or support costs. No need to sign up for anything


Send data to contacts and let them see it for themselves


Tiny download for lighting fast installation


Low system requirements allows for installation on more computers


Includes lighting, super sampling , x-ray and and smoothing

System Requirements


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even from photogrammetry sources. However you must convert the files to VPC format using our VPC Creator first.