Point Clouds for Revit

Revit is often just one of many tools in your arsenal – which is why it’s vital that you can quickly and easily move data between different apps as you work through a project. If you work with other Veesus plug-ins or our Arena4D software, you can now bring your point cloud data straight into Revit and work with it using Revit’s native point cloud editing tools.

Like all Veesus software, Point Clouds for Revit is built to stream point cloud data directly from the Zappcha Cloud with no loss of quality, regardless of point cloud size.


Effortless un-hindered Point Cloud Navigation


Use within the native Rhino enviroment

Clash Detection

Use clash detection to highlight where 3D objects will touch


Create vectored line drawings with ease


Use clipping and slicing to extract all detail


Apply lighting, smooting, magnification and colour ramp.

System Requirements

Data Sheet

User Guide