Zappcha Cloud

Share, stream and backup with a single tool

Not just another cloud storage service. The Zappcha Cloud makes your Point Cloud data more accessible by providing a fast upload, easy share and the ability to stream your data with ease, making it usable right away.

Zappcha Cloud doesn’t constrain you to just the browser. It is compatible with all Veesus software platforms from desktop to mobile. Stream your data in the cloud to your software wherever you are in the world.


Share publicly, or privately, even to those without Zappcha accounts.


Stream any Point Cloud to all of our products.

Straight to the Point

Browse and view in a web browser on any device.


Share data for a defined period for increases security.


Once uploaded, your Point Clouds can be utilised straight away.

The Future

This is just the start of our mission on making clouds more available.


Case Studies

Live Demo

Allow anybody to view and measure their scan data with our secure Zappcha Cloud service.

Our cost effective hosting makes it easier than ever before to get Point Cloud data to all project stakeholders.

Click on the image opposite to interact with Point Cloud data live now!

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our cloud storage service allows you to view, store and stream all your point cloud data.


No. The Veesus technology allows you to stream your data just like a Netflix movie.


Our solution is very cost effective. Please see our Pricing page for more information.