Point Server

Secure sharing on a local network

Veesus Point Server is a simple way to provide a secure single source of truth for Point Cloud data. No longer share USB sticks or hard drives, nor have multiple copies of the same data.

Simply load your VPC files into a Point Server instance and straight away everybody on the local network can stream the data seamlessly to their own computer.


Stream Point Cloud data across your local network


Simple configuration means you’ll be streaming data quickly


Multiple users can visualise the same single source of data


Can run as an application or a background service


Data streamed by the server can not be edited or deleted


Works with all Veesus desktop software and includes a web viewer

System Requirements


Case Studies

Frequently asked questions

No. Point Server is a very specialised piece of software which simply isn’t for everybody.

Point Server can stream data to an almost unlimited number of users. The only restriction is the capability of your hardware!

All Veesus desktop software works with Point Server. Also any modern web browser with support for WebGL.