Make Point Cloud data look stunning with Arena4D

With an advanced Point Cloud engine at its heart, and over a decade of active industry use, Arena4D is sophisticated and unrivalled for preparing and presenting digital assets.

Like all Veesus software, Arena4D is able to stream Point Cloud data directly from the Zappcha Cloud with no loss of quality, regardless of Point Cloud size or resolution.


Effortless un-hindered Point Cloud navigation


Create high quality animations, movies, pictures and orthophotos

Virtual Reality (VR)

Create 360 degree movies or roam freely in VR


Fuse other 2D or 3D data from many sources


Annotate, measure, edit, extract floor plans and elevations.


Clean, copy, patch, filter, apply lighting, super sampling and smoothing.

System Requirements

Data Sheet


Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

The Point Cloud must be loaded locally and not from the Zappcha Cloud.
  1. Has a Clipbox(s) been created and turned ON? Clipboxes only show data within them and therefore HIDE all data outside their limits.
  2. Double click on a data object in the Workspace Tree, view will then center on that object


All headsets require SteamVR to be installed and running.  SteamVR application indicates correct connection to headset (do you see the SteamVR Lobby in the headset), make sure this is the case.  If using a laptop make sure it is VR Ready!

Yes, even from photogrammetry sources. However you must convert the files to VPC format using our VPC Creator first.