CAD Plugins

Change how you use Point Cloud data in your CAD application forever.

Remove traditional limitations of Point Cloud data in CAD software with the Veesus plugin. View, examine and manipulate limitless amounts of Point Cloud data natively in your chosen CAD application.

Currently available for Rhino, Solidworks, Revit and CloudCompare.


Effortless un-hindered Point Cloud Navigation


Use within the native CAD enviroment

Clash Detection

Use clash detection to highlight where 3D objects will touch


Create vectored line drawings with ease


Use clipping and slicing to extract all detail


Apply lighting, smoothing, magnification and colour ramp.

System Requirements

Data Sheet


Case Studies

Frequently asked questions

Please upgrade to a Professional subscription OR upload your data to the Zappcha Cloud.

Most CAD software starts looking at 0,0,0 coordinates. If your point cloud is located elsewhere then please select it in the file window and click on the magnifying glass to update the view to show it.

You must first convert it to a VPC file using our VPC Creator.

Yes. Select an area (or all of it) using the Clipping tool. You can then click the cloud button to export it to a file  in a format of your choice.