VPC Creator

Compress and stream

All our software uses our proprietary file type called ‘Veesus Point Cloud’ (VPC).

VPC Creator lets you convert your Point Cloud files into .vpc files quickly and simply. Once converted your files will be over 70% smaller and support instant streaming from our Zappcha Cloud service.

The VPC Creator is FREE, no subscription required.


Process upto 20million points per second

Industry Standard

Convert LAS, e57, PTS and many other standard formats


What goes in, comes out, just optimised


VPC files are up to 80% smaller than the original file


Begin to use your data immediately in our Zappcha cloud platform


Apply filters to optimise and intelligently clean

System Requirements


Case Studies

Frequently asked questions

Ensure both drive and directory location for the import are NOT across a network or USB devices. Use internal SSD (Solid State Drive) where possible

  1. Ensure you have enough free disk space. Processing of point cloud data will require around 3x -4x the space of the original source file.
  2. Incorrect measurement units selected (e.g. mm vs km).  This can cause too many points to be rejected.

The VPC creator has a settings option, this allows you to combine multiple point clouds, rename them and apply intelligent filtering for cleaner results. See user manual for more information.